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If you want to live multiple lifetimes in multiple languages, this is the challenge for YOU!

I’ve been learning languages for 25 years, and it’s gotten me to parts of the world I would’ve never had access to if I didn’t learn them. From living with an Italian, homestay drinking limoncello, to interviewing Cubans in Spanish about the war, or breaking down racial barriers in the Middle East, I’ve boiled down the method to learning languages in a 21 day challenge! It’s happening in real time, get on the waitlist to be the first to hear about it! 

21-Day Language Challenge

i want in!

Welcome to the hub of the not so average jo(e)s of the world. If you’ve always wanted to have a traveling lifestyle where you speak multiple languages daily, meet incredible people in all corners of the globe, have financial freedom, and somehow still find time to journal and be introspective, you’re in the right place. All of the sections of this website were developed to help you create your dream life, whether you want to join me in my 21 day language challenge, learn how to turn journaling into a lifelong habit, or find the best products to make content and travel the world, I got you covered. 


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JoClub, aka the journal club, is a global group of thinkers, journalers, and people who want to invest in their mental wellbeing. Members meet twice a month for live journaling sessions, think of it as a yoga class, meets writer’s workshop where multiple languages are spoken. It’s the shit. 

What began as grassroots therapy during the 2020 lockdown turned into a community of supportive and brave people who share their innermost thoughts with the world. Our members have been around for years, and say really sweet things about the experience. We all look forward to those hour and a half Zoom calls every month to remember what life is all about: connection, even if it is through screens.

JoClub members are currently journaling from:


“I got used to listening to myself and became more confident in sharing my thoughts with others in JoClub sessions, as I came to understand their value..”

mary bell, usa

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    As someone who’s traveled the world on a few dollars a day barely scraping by, I know the value of every single dollar spent. Which is why every course, product, or movement I create will be an investment in your growth. Whether that means unlocking a language to see life through a new layer, or becoming a part of an introspective global group of journal lovers, you’ll see the return on your investment, money back guarantee.

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    the ultimate guide to travel journaling

    Let’s be real, you won’t ever have the time to look through those 20,000 pics in your camera roll from your trip to France last summer. The truth is that we’re living in a digital world where value and memories are overwritten far too easily. I’m an old school chick who believes in paper and pen, and taking that extra time to jot down what you’ll want to keep for the rest of your life. After 15 years of journaling, I’ve created the ultimate guide to inspire you to turn the craft of documenting your life into a habit.

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    Your future self will thank you.

    finally turn journaling into a lifelong habit.

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    Not Your Average Jo is a personal research project of mine where I interview some of the most motivational people in my life and get their tips on how to not be an average Jo(e). Every Wednesday, you’ll get an hour-long dose of inspiration with tangible takeaways so we can all walk away feeling a little less average. Episodes are available on all major podcast platforms.


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