Hi! I'm Jo, somehow, I've created over 600 videos on the internet across two YouTube channels (DamonAndJo + Jo Franco) amassing over 1.3 million subscribers. I've made content for a decade in several languages including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Growing up as a Brazilian immigrant in a small town in Connecticut, later getting an international business degree in NYC, I try my best to speak to the multicultural generation, to multi-hyphenate people, in multiple languages. Because that's me.

My curiosity is what fuels documentary style videos during my crazy adventures, whether I'm filming myself buying a house, or learning a new language from scratch, I've got the camera rolling, and thoughts running to be written down in my journals. My opinion is life is too short to not capture, plus, I want to relive the good stuff, and remember how the bad stuff made me stronger.

I'm biased, but I think I have the best audience in the world, they're a global community of people who are inspired to take life into their own hands, improving themselves through learning languages, cultures, financial literacy, adventure, and inclusion. I'm also the CEO of JoClub, the journal club that hosts live journaling sessions of introspection both in English, and several other languages. Think of it like a cross-fit studio, but for writing and introspection.

My experience in the travel space, as well as building communities and businesses has gotten me a spot on Forbes top travel influencer list, I've also spoken at prestigious events such as SXSW, and is on the board of EEqual, a non-profit serving homeless youth in their college careers. 

As a TV host, I've worked on series in both Portuguese, documenting my reconnection with my Brazilian culture, and most recently has used my hosting in my latest role as the Travel Host for Netflix’s World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. Still can't believe that happened.

Like my category of homes on the show, it's all about leading with a unique take on life. Let's build what we've always wanted.


DamonandJo posted first video on youtube


moved to LA and became full-time youtuber


hit 1 million subscriber and launched shutupandgo, a travel company


booked a lead hosting role on Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals


traveled the world and filmed netflix show + launched JoClub, a journaling company


launched my podcast, Not Your Average Jo

Memory Lane

embarking on the 21-day language challenge!!

If you want to live multiple lifetimes in multiple languages, this is the challenge for you! I’ve been learning languages for 25 years, and it’s gotten me to parts of the world I would’ve never had access to if I didn’t learn them. From living with an Italian, homestay drinking limoncello, to interviewing Cubans in Spanish about the war, or breaking down racial barriers in the Middle East, I’ve boiled down the method to learning languages in a 21 day challenge! It’s happening in real time, get on the waitlist to be the first to hear about it! 

And that leads me to now...

i want in!